Motivational Mapping

We know that the route to achieving your goals is not always a straight road but at READcoaching we firmly believe that if you are clear on what motivates you to get there, you will be much more likely to reach your end goal and most likely exceed it.

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Do you know what motivates you?

One of our key tools to help you do this is Motivational Maps.  As one of the few Licenced Practitioners in Scotland, we use this user-friendly ISO accredited tool to capture your main professional and personal drivers and set achievable actions to meet your goals.

The map itself only takes 10-15 minutes to complete online and provides a 14 page report with insight into levels of engagement, top motivators and strategies for potential change.  In the feedback provided we then work with you to place focus where change is possible and most beneficial, producing tangible solutions.

Motivational Maps can be completed for the individual or for teams, providing organisations and managers with the ability to further increase levels of communication and collective understanding.  Increasing organisational trust and staff engagement go hand in hand with this process and are one of our key drivers to using Motivational Maps as a professional development tool.