Executive Coaching

Coaching is widely recognised as benefiting…

  • Professional performance growth
  • Career development
  • Development packages in conjunction with training
  • Role transition support
  • Induction processes
  • Succession planning
  • Staff retention and further valuing staff teams
  • Recruitment in competitive marketplace
  • Improved productivity and engagement

Creating strong working partnerships to achieve measurable results

The best Coaching results come when you have great rapport with your Coach and an honest, working relationship.  The best way to know if there is a match between you and a potential Coach is to have that first conversation.

To book a face to face, phone or online Engagement Meeting, drop us an email at suzie@readcoaching.co.uk
Alternatively give us a ring on 07876 747467

Coaching can….

  • Enhance performance and productivity
  • Increase insight into performance strengths and any limiting factors
  • Provide self-sustaining change
  • Enable individuals to use own resources to set goals and targets
  • Provide learning linked to an organisation’s business strategy and/or an individual’s current priorities
  • Provide a highly focussed, action based form of Learning and Development
  • Be held on a 1 to 1 basis or be team based